About Us

About us

About Us

Far Post Soccer Club’s goal is to foster a love of the game and enhance good playing habits through a club-wide, progressive curriculum. We are sensitive to individual player needs, potential, and development of personal excellence.

Far Post Soccer Club has premier travel soccer teams for players U9-U18. We provide intensive training for players throughout the year. Highly skilled coaches provide the best opportunities for our players of all ages to improve, develop and succeed in soccer.

Far Post Soccer Club also offers a unique indoor experience through our various Futsal and 8v8 leagues. To learn more about these leagues checkout our section on “Indoor Leagues” listed in the navigation links above.

We look forward to seeing you at the Far Post Soccer Club!

Contact Us

Far Post Soccer Club, Inc.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 5575
Essex Junction, VT 05453

Telephone: (802) 872-8860

Email: admin@farpostsoccerclub.com

Far Post Soccer Club Personnel

  • Our organization is comprised of many talented individuals serving our programs and players. Whether it’s club administration, training, coaching, managing teams or a variety of other jobs, many people contribute to our success.
  • Far Post has a Management Team consisting of dedicated individuals who have the primary responsibility for all operations of the club.

Management Team

Director:  Todd Kingsbury – todd@farpostsoccerclub.com

Director of Operations; Indoor League Manager:  Sam Alden – sam@farpostsoccerclub.com

Head of Administration; Team Manager Coordinator: Janette Hasenecz – janette@farpostsoccerclub.com

Head of Player Development: Ray Campanile – ray@farpostsoccerclub.com

Club Administration

Far Post Soccer Club is served by a voluntary Board of Directors. The Board is self-appointing and follows guidelines outlined in the Club’s Bylaws. The Board’s primary responsibility is to create policy and employ the club’s Director of Soccer and General Manager.

Board Members

  • Chairman: Tim Sampson
  • Vice Chairman: Michelle Brandon
  • Treasurer: Debbie Rooney
  • Secretary: Shelley Forrest
  • Director: Art Klugo
  • Director: Cary Fitzhugh
  • Director: Peter Plumeau
  • Director: Sean Houghton