Senior Staff

Todd Kingsbury, Club Director

Club Director Todd Kingsbury is in his 16th year, overseeing a period of transition and reinvention that has seen the club rise to new heights. Todd has instilled a set of values and expectations in all of his players that lead them to strive to constantly improve and find success on the field and in life. His first generation of players are now returning to serve the club in a variety of different ways, most notably with 13 former Far Post players currently on the coaching staff. While seeking to develop the best possible soccer players in the state, Todd has also succeeded in helping mold some very impressive young men and women in all respects.

In his role as Club Director, Todd primarily focuses on the following:

  • Player Development: implementing the right training curriculum and game structure needed for our players to improve year in, year out.
  • Coaching Development: supporting our coaches and providing them educational opportunities to help them become more tactically astute and better teachers of the game.
  • Program Development: establishing and enhancing our various programs to supplement and improve the whole player experience.
  • Club Development: ensuring the proper management, increased financial stability, and continued growth of our non-profit organization.

Sam Alden, Director of Operations

Sam is in his 6th year on staff and is in charge of most of the day-to-day operations of the club such as scheduling, indoor league management, website development and upkeep, team registration, curriculum development, and club communication. The club has made major strides in it's organizational flow and speed of response, bringing all registration, scheduling, and administration online under Sam's guidance. He has also overseen the development and launch of our new website.

Janette Hasenecz, Head of Administration

Janette is our catch all. Her family has been with the club since 2013 and her husband, Nick, serves as a FP coach.  She has been on our administrative team since 2016 in order to help ease the burden being put on our Senior Staff. Her day-to-day duties include player registration and roster management, collections, GotSoccer help, and club advertisement. She also oversees all Team Managers.

Adam Pfeifer, Head of College Search

Adam joins us for the 2017/18 Season as the Head of College Search for all HS-aged players in the club. Acknowledging that there is a need to provide more to it's oldest players, the club has created this role specifically to provide it's players that want to play in college a resource within the club that they can use and help them develop a plan to get them to where they want to be. In addition to Annual College Nights, he will meet with each of our HS-aged teams at the beginning of the season and be available for individual meetings with players/parents.