Senior Staff

We would be NOTHING without our coaches.

Far Post prides itself on having the best coaching staff in the state. With 5 current college coaches, 2 former college coaches, 4 Varsity High School coaches, and 13 college players, and 8 former Far Post players on staff, it's easy to back up that claim.

Far Post has an innovative curriculum modeled after the USSF Player Development Initiatives. The club also places an emphasis on coaching education, with a number of our coaches working on or having completed the USSF Badges and/or NSCAA Diplomas. Our staff regularly meets to discuss the state of the club and its players, as well as detail our approach for the upcoming months.

Soccer and development are both very fluid concepts and our approach must be too. We are constantly looking to innovate and improve the product that we give our players instead of following others or continuing to do the same thing year after year. The player comes first, and we never lose sight of that.

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