Important Covid-19 Message - UPDATED

Important Covid-19 Message - UPDATED

To all Far Post players and families - 

I was just informed by the Vermont Soccer Association that they have suspended all soccer operations throughout the state of Vermont due to the COVID-19 situation effective today. What this means is that we must suspend all indoor league play along with trainings (either indoors or outdoors) for the next two weeks. This decisions was made in conjunction with US Soccer, US Youth Soccer and other state associations in our immediate region. Please understand that this decision was not made because of a widespread outbreak - This was a decision made out of precaution and to mitigate any spread of the virus. 


I believe that this decision was also made to allow us some time. Time to feel safe and secure. Time to see what happens. Time to calm down. I understand that many of you are scared. In my opinion, this is not a time to run and hide, though. As I have told our coaches already, this is a time that we will use to create and innovate, instead of hibernate. I will be asking all of our coaches to use the time that has been made available to us to offer ideas to help our players learn, grow and develop remotely. Please pay attention to some of the messaging that we will have coming out. 


I have been in this game for a very long time and running this organization for a few decades. As I have always said, when you think you have seen everything, something else emerges that will really test you. These are trying and difficult times right now where we have no idea what will happen from one day to the next. But, I have been in these types of situations before and from all that experience I will tell you that so much good will come from this. This experience will make us better and stronger and wiser. I have always loved a tough challenge, and that is what we have in front of us. We will get through these next few weeks and we will be back on the soccer field ready to work hard, do out best and have fun.


Thank, Coach Todd