Indoor Leagues

Indoor leagues

Indoor Leagues

Session 1 Registration NOW OPEN for the 2016-17 Indoor Season. Please email our Indoor League Manager, Sam Alden, to reserve your spot:

You may also visit “Session 1 Details” for dates and pricing.

8v8 and Futsal

Far Post offers two non-boarded indoor leagues:

  • Futsal (5v5) – small field with a Futsal ball
  • 8v8 – big field with a regulation size 5 ball (adult only)

Far Post Soccer is committed to developing the total player. It is believed that boarded soccer creates bad playing habits in players and does not encourage sound technical skills or tactical decisions like non-boarded soccer. In addition, boarded soccer is very dangerous. Eliminating walls makes soccer safer. Broken bones and concussions often occur in hockey-rink walled soccer. Because of this, Far Post offers Futsal and 8v8. The Far Post Indoor Leagues are sanctioned by the Vermont Soccer Association and the Vermont State Soccer Association.

8v8 & Futsal Quick Overview

What is Futsal and what is 8v8?

Futsal is the world’s version of indoor soccer. It’s simply a reduced field, approximately 30m x 20m with smaller goals (2m x 3m). The match is played 5v5 (four field players and a goalkeeper), thus ensuring maximum participation from each player. The ball is designed to have low or minimal bounce, encouraging a more skillfully focused play. Recommended footwear is a flat sole athletic shoe or turf soccer shoe. In order to provide something that combines the skill of Futsal and the open field running and tactics of arena soccer, Far Post is providing 8v8 indoor league play. The field is larger and the game is played with a real soccer ball, but there are no walls.


In 1930, Juan Carlos Ceriani developed a five-a-side version of soccer for youth competition in YMCA’s in Montevideo, Uruguay. Futsal quickly gained popularity throughout South America, especially in Brazil which is still considered the Futsal “hub” of the world. Pele, Zico, Bebeto, and many other Brazilian players developed their skill using Futsal. Futsal is the World’s version of indoor soccer. “Futsal” is derived from the Portuguese for Football (Soccer) and Sala (Indoor). The Brazilians, who speak Portuguese, made this play/training method popular world wide. Futsal is now the accepted FIFA mode of indoor play throughout the world. There is even a World Championship, almost on the same scale as the World Cup.

The Benefits:

Futsal has become the standard for indoor play world wide. With the smaller playing field and reduced team size, each player has more involvement in the game and touches on the ball. The reduced bounce ball ensures true roll and the need for a precise touch. The absence of boards to deflect passes requires the control and strategy needed on the full-size outdoor fields. Futsal sharpens both your playing and mental skills which allow continual personal growth and development throughout the year. It’s also a lot of fun!

Futsal at Far Post:

  • Futsal is offered in three seven-week sessions and 8v8 is offered for three six-week sessions, for ages Under 8 through adult, November through April
  • There are leagues for boys, girls, men, women and co-ed
  • Play-offs – Held on the last week of each session
  • No limit on roster size, but the recommendation is between 8-10 players for Futsal and 12-14 players for 8v8
  • Each team receives a matching set of Futsal T-Shirts for its league games
  • Far Post Travel Team players are strongly encouraged to participate in the Far Post Futsal leagues (at additional cost)

What to expect at Far Post:

  • Our indoor leagues bring together all the best teams and players (of all abilities) under one roof to increase the level of play and competition. Leagues are organized to assure that the competition level is compatible and appropriate for all players.
  • The Far Post Indoor Soccer Leagues will provide a fun and competitive environment for all players. We want the environment at Far Post to be healthy, safe, enjoyable and welcoming for all players and spectators.
  • All players on each team will receive a league-issued shirt to wear for all games. It is required that all players wear these shirts for matches.
  • The website for league play will be updated nightly to assure accurate and up-to-date scores, schedules and standings.
  • All games will be refereed by USSF certified referees.
  • All games will start and end on time.
  • All players will be registered and league certified by VSA for youth leagues and VSSA for adult leagues. The Far Post Indoor Leagues are sanctioned by the Vermont Soccer Association and the Vermont State Soccer Association.
  • All teams and players will be treated fairly and the same way, and no preferential treatment will be given to any team or player.
  • We strive to make our Indoor League schedule as smooth and streamlined as possible. Due to contractual commitments that CVE has with outside organizations, there are some dates between November and April that are ‘blacked out’ for soccer use. We have done our best to schedule leagues on the same day each week; however, occasionally a game may need to be played on an alternate day of the week. In all cases, the match dates are posted on this website for both Futsal and 8v8.
  • Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. These leagues exist for the players and teams, and Far Post is always interested in receiving comments that can help us improve the league and the quality of the experience.

When do we play?

Futsal Leagues

Monday Nights

  • U14 and JV Boys: 7-9pm

Tuesday Nights

  • High School Boys: 6-9pm
  • Men’s Futsal – 8-10pm
  • Adult 8v8 Coed – 10-11pm

Wednesday Nights

  • Soccer Moms – 6:30-9:30pm
  • Women’s – 7:30-9:30pm

Thursday Nights

  • U14 Girls – 6-8pm
  • JV and High School Girls – 6-9pm

Friday Nights

  • U10 – 4-7pm
  • U12 Boys – 5-9pm
  • U12 Girls – 5-9pm

Sunday Adult Coed Leagues

  • Futsal (5v5) – 5:15pm
  • 8v8 – 6:30-10:30pm
  • One games will be played Tuesday night from 10-11pm on a rotating basis.

What does it Cost?

The cost of each league is listed in the table below. This includes t-shirts for all rostered players as well as referee costs. Teams are expected to use the same t-shirts for multiple sessions. Replacement t-shirts may be purchased for $10 each. Please note that all Futsal leagues are 7 weeks long, whereas 8v8 leagues are 6 weeks long.



U10 Coed Futsal


Futsal Teams U12 & Older


Adult Coed 8v8


Adult Coed FUTSAL (5v5)


*There is a $100 online registration discount for all leagues except U10 and Adult Coed Futsal

Player Registration

Each player must be registered with the VSA or VSSA to be rostered on a team at the Far Post Soccer Club Indoor Center (please see below).

Player Membership Fees

Player Fee Afilliation
Youth $4.00 Vermont Soccer Association
Adults (18+) $15.00 Vermont State Soccer Association