Development Initiatives

We design our curriculum based on the United State Soccer Federation's (USSF) Player Development Initiatives, which places individual player development ahead of the accomplishments of the team. This has always been our philosophy at Far Post, so we have plenty of experience in this realm.

Although winning is fun and overall it can be a measure of progress, the result of any one game cannot truly measure development or even success. Developing successful players capable of playing at the highest possible level is--and always has been--our priority. We are unique in Vermont in this sense.

The USSF's decision to move from Class Year to Birth Year was made for the sake of development and also an attempt to remove the Relative Age Effect. RAE is the confusion of athletic dominance for skill, with a national focus now on creating better-skilled players. Here is what the USSF has outlined.

  • Develop improved skills with the ball: improve confidence and comfort. Technical ability.
  • Develop intelligence with and without the ball: promote faster decisions and better awareness. Develop partnerships within the team.
  • Provide an age appropriate environment: standards align with physiological needs of players based on year of birth.

We never lose sight of what our players need and what is truly important.