FP Teams Overview

Far Post offers play opportunities for players aged 6-19. Up until age 8, we offer programs aimed at building vital soccer skills and a love for the game that allow players to opt in/out as they choose. From 8-19, we offer competitive play opportunities for those looking to hone their skills and play for a love of the game. It is our belief that we must provide a pathway for players with differing levels of commitment to the game through common shared goals. We get that some players will play multiple sports throughout the year, while others will devote themselves solely to soccer. We create a schedule that accommodates both types of players, while giving those that are the most committed ample opportunities to play and develop.

In designing our curriculum we look at both the demands of the game and the pathway of the player. What skills must our players have to be successful at a given age? Does their pathway lead them through high school and into college? Can soccer remain a part of their life no matter their aspiration at the next level?

We look at the ends, then design the means to specifically get our players to where they need to be.

2020/2021 Coaching Lineup